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Swimmers Battle Epic Conditions at Whiskey Joe's 12th Annual 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

TAMPA BAY, FL-- Fourty-eight swimmers fought through 3-4 foot swells as they headed north to the finish line at Whiskey Joe's today at one of the world's most grueling open water swim races. The 24 mile ultra-distance race started at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and ended at Whiskey Joe's Bar & Grill on the Courtney Campbell Causeway in Tampa in a race that covers the entire length of Tampa Bay. The event is held each year to celebrate Earth Day and the revitalization of Florida's largest estuary.

Here are the official results for the 11 solo swimmers, and the 11 relay competitors in the event:


10 hours, 14 minutes - Ramses Rodriguez, 37M Port St. Lucie, FL
10 hours, 22 minutes - Boris Fernandez, 35M, Key Biscayne, FL
11 hours, 7 minutes - Gilles Chalandon, 52M, New York, NY
12 hours, 7 minutes - John Muenzer, 47M, Elgin, IL
12 hours, 36 minutes - Michael Tschantz-Hahn, 41M, Chicago, IL
12 hours, 38 minutes - LaurieJo Hall, 32F, Marietta, OH
13 hours, 18 minutes - Yesenia Cabrera Fuegos, 36F, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Swimmers forced to withdraw due to seasickness after turning north around Pinellas Point:

Giaconia Mauro, 37M, Palermo, Italy
Flavia Zappa
, 42F, Bradenton, FL
Mike Embry, 61M, Tampa, FL
Rondi Davies, 38F, New York, NY


8 hours, 57 minutes - DF3 - Polly Surhoff, 44F, Cockeysville, MD; Andy Cosgarea, 48M, Owings Mills, MD; Rob Long, 48M, Huntersville, NC

9 hours, 12 minutes - TBD - Kathryn Kirmayer, 45F, Silver Spring, MD; Melissa Kirmayer, 42F, Seattle, WA; Laura Kirmayer, 39F, Sunnyside, NY; William Grant Johnston, 36M, Washington, DC; Matt McShane, 45M, Olney, MD; Tommy Kaufman, 28M, North Bethesda, MD

9 hours, 30 minutes - PIRATE BOOTY NBAC - Lisa Rapuano, 43F, Towson, MD; Scott Breza 38M, Phoenix MD; Gil Mandel, 42M, Pikesville, MD; Tobi Limke, 34F, Lowell, MA; Suzanne Kirincic, 40F, Lutherville, MD; Wendy Quitasol, 46F, Towson, MD

9 hours, 58 minutes - HARPS (Hopefully Approaching Retirement Pretty Soon) - Robert Aldrich, 60M, St. Petersburg, FL; Pat Marzulli, 60M, Indian Rocks Beach, FL; Cyle Sage, 44M, Tampa, FL; Carl Selles, 62M, St. Petersburg, FL

10 hours, 21 minutes - TAMPA BAY AQUATIC CLUB - Tom Rawls, 41M, Tampa, FL; Bart Cobb, 54M, Tampa, FL; Jeff Feldman, 37M, Tampa, FL

10 hours, 48 minutes - THE J SQUAD - Jana Rempalski, 26F, Austin, TX; Jen Baker, 32F, Falls Church, VA; Julie Oplinger, 32F, Arlington, VA

11 hours, 24 minutes - FIRST AMERICA BANK - Tim Kennedy, 52M, St. Petersburg, FL; Jeffrey Logsdon, 38M, Bradenton, FL; Keith Nelson, 44M, Treasure Island, FL

11 hours, 46 minutes - ALTERNATE IMMERSION - Terry Laughlin, 58M, New Paltz, NY; Rachel Golub, 32F, Astoria, NY; William Miller, 44M, Marlboro, NY

11 hours, 47 minutes - DOS CONQUISTADORES - Jonathan Farber, 42M, Brooklyn, NY; Cristian Vergara, 50M, Brooklyn, NY

12 hours, 42 minutes - CONEY ISLAND WHITEFISH - David Barra, 44M, High Falls, NY; Patricia Sener, 45F, Brooklyn, NY

13 hours, 25 minutes - TEAM AMERICA - Willy Blumenthals, 36M, North Bergen, NJ; Amy Wu, 33F, New York, NY

DSC00668.JPG DSC00669.JPG DSC00670.JPG DSC00671.JPG DSC00674.JPG DSC00675.JPG
DSC00677.JPG DSC00678.JPG DSC00679.JPG DSC00680.JPG DSC00684.JPG DSC00685.JPG
DSC00689.JPG DSC00690.JPG DSC00693.JPG DSC00694.JPG DSC00695.JPG DSC00697.JPG
DSC00698.JPG DSC00699.JPG DSC00700.JPG DSC00702.JPG DSC00703.JPG DSC00722.JPG
DSC00723.JPG DSC00725.JPG DSC00726.JPG DSC00729.JPG DSC00738.JPG DSC00741.JPG
DSC00743.JPG DSC00746.JPG DSC00748.JPG DSC00750.JPG DSC00753.JPG DSC00754.JPG
DSC00759.JPG DSC00761.JPG DSC00764.JPG DSC00765.JPG DSC00766.JPG DSC00767.JPG
DSC00787.JPG DSC00788.JPG DSC00789.JPG DSC00792.JPG DSC00796.JPG DSC00799.JPG
DSC00807.JPG DSC00808.JPG DSC00810.JPG DSC00831.JPG DSC00833.JPG DSC00836.JPG
DSC00849.JPG DSC00850.JPG DSC00852.JPG DSC00855.JPG DSC00858.JPG DSC00866.JPG

Since this event was first staged in 1998, it has drawn competitors from across the United States, Great Britain, Guatemala, Italy, Australia, Dominican Republic, Germany, India, Canada, and the Cayman Islands.

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