Official Results

 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

The Ninth Annual 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim was held on April 22nd, 2006 to celebrate Earth Day and the revitalization of Florida's largest estuary.

 Official Results

Brad Denton from Scottsdale, Arizona was the overall champion, finishing in 11 hours, 15 minutes. The seas were relatively calm until a strong westerly wind picked up in the afternoon that caused a moderate chop for the swimmers. Denton will now concentrate on his upcoming English Channel attempt in August after gaining confidence and experience swimming the entire 24 mile length of Tampa Bay.

The Men's Relay Champions were "The Sharks" from Ohio who covered the course in a record time of 7 hours, 39 minutes. The Mixed Relay Champions were "Team Hammerhead" from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida who also set a new record, finishing in 7 hours, 53 minutes.

At 400 square miles, Tampa Bay is Florida's largest open-water estuary, a term that describes areas where fresh and saltwater meet. Just 30 years ago, Tampa Bay was so polluted many considered it beyond salvage. That it has come back to life is a testament to the resiliency of nature, and the continued dedication of hundreds of citizens, scientists and elected leaders who recognize it as a resource worth saving.

CLICK HERE The organizers are especially thankful for event sponsor Passport Marine of St. Petersburg, Florida. Emergency and media personnel patrolled the race course in a Formula 400 SS (40-foot Sun Sport) provided and piloted by Passport Marine.

Solo Swimmers

1. Brad Denton, 42, from Scottsdale, AZ finished in 11 hours, 15 minutes

2. Michelle Santilhano, 35 from Yuba City, CA retired at 20 miles

3. Flavia Zappa, 38, from Bradenton, FL retired at 18 miles

4. Jessica Weather, 22, from Jacksonville, FL retired at 8 miles

Relay Swimmers

1. The Sharks were the first overall finishers swimming the course in 7 hours, 39 minutes
    Team members: Chris Zingarelli, 29, Dayton, OH; Doug Gale, 35, Centerville, OH; Jay Wilkerson, 37, Springboro, OH

2. Team Hammerhead were the mixed relay champions, finishing in 7 hours, 53 minutes
    Team members: Andrea Woodburn, 42, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Jonathan Olsen, 42, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Bill Korey, 42, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

3. Ft. Lauderdale Aquatics was the 2nd mixed relay, swimming 8 hours, 42 minutes
    Team members: Michelle Schraer, 35, Miami, FL; William Zenga, 51, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Carlos Lloreda, 51, South Miami, FL

4. Tampa Bay Aquatic Club completed their 7th consecutive Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in 9 hours, 44 minutes
    Team members: Tom Rawls, 38, Tampa, FL; Joe Solak, 41, Tampa, FL; Clara Reynolds, 36, Tampa, FL

5. Brighton Beach Memoirs finished their 3rd consecutive Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in 9 hours, 56 minutes
    Team members: Cristian, Vergara, 47, Brooklyn, NY; Lori Carena, 52, Brooklyn, NY; Jordan Waxman, 41, Rockleigh, NJ

6. Conrad and the Comrades were the 2nd male relay finishers, swimming 10 hours, 27 minutes
    Team members: Pat Marzulli, 57, Indian Rocks Beach, FL; Dr. Konrad Euler, 70, St. Petersburg, FL; Bob Aldrich, 57, St. Petersburg, FL

To read more about this event, see our PRE-EVENT PRESS RELEASE (Word format). Information for competitors may be found in our 2006 Entry Info>>>

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 English Channel - September 2004
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Swimming Everest

By TERRY TOMALIN, Times Outdoors Editor
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The 21-mile crossing of the English Channel is the open-water peak for challengers such as Clearwater Beach lifeguard Ron Collins. They call it the Everest of open-water swimming. "It doesn't matter how many times you have swam around Manhattan or across Tampa Bay," Clearwater Beach lifeguard Ron Collins said a few days before he would attempt to add his name to the record book. "When it comes to long-distance swims, there is only one that matters and that is the English Channel." MORE>>>

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